10 unusual wedding cake ideas


Weddings today have changed so much from the traditional affairs that we would have seen a century ago. With many traditions being changed and some removed altogether, couples are often keen to put their own spin on the big day. And why wouldn’t you? Your wedding day should be a celebration of you and your partners love together and should reflect your personalities. The cutting cake is seen as a pinnacle of the day, so having a cake that’s personal to you makes it extra special. Tall, white cakes with figures on top are becoming a thing of the past as couples everywhere opt for something more modern. We’ve created our guide on 10 unusual wedding cake ideas we think you should try!

#1. Cupcakes

Probably one of the most popular choices besides the traditional wedding cake is having cupcakes. These can be arranged on plates in tiers to nod to tradition. Cupcakes are inevitably more simple for guests to eat and requires no awkward cutting. This option also allows plenty of room for variation, so you can choose chocolate, angel, sponge and fruit to keep everyone happy.

#2. Cheese Tier cake

One for all the cheese lovers out there, this can work on its own or be accompanied by a sweet cake. The cheese wedding cake is a stackable variety of everyone’s favourite blues, brie’s and cheddars. You can make your own by browsing the cheese counter or pick a pre-made one such as this tower by Waitrose & Partners.  Ensure you have plenty of crackers, chutneys and complimenting fruit and veg for guests to enjoy along with your cheese tier cake. Guests are guaranteed to be talking about this long after the wedding.

#3. Naked cake

A naked cake is exactly what it says on the tin. A cake which has little or no icing with the filling left exposed. These cakes look simple, yet effective and are a great twist on the tradition. A naked cake would be the perfect option for couples who are wedding outside as the rustic feel perfectly complements nature. Simply adorn with some fruit for a pop of colour and you’re ready to serve to guests.

#4. Two-faced cake

The myth that couples have the same taste is obsolete. Often you have a different idea of what you’d like to your partner, and this is where two-faced wedding cakes come in. These fantastic cakes can take the form of a split down the middle, or a curtain cut to a different theme. Popular ideas include half a traditional cake and half a superhero theme, or different tiers with different styles. Either way, it’s a great way to ensure both you and your partner can incorporate your ideas into your cake.

#5. Marble effect cake

In the last ten years, we’ve utilised marble everywhere in our homes from worktops to staircases. Why not have a stunning marble wedding cake. From whites and golds to blues, this allows for a vast colour range which looks truly effective. This idea is super elegant and is sure to look great in the wedding photographs.

#6. Doughnut tower

If you want to be really unique, veer away from cake altogether and opt for a doughnut tower. These can be as simple or as extravagant as you like. Have a tower of glazed or go for different toppings and flavours for each. Another option which means guests can easily pick them up to eat and any leftovers can be enjoyed with a coffee the next day.

#7. Cake pops

Following along the lines of doughnuts and cupcakes, cake pops are excellent for easy consumption and don’t even require a plate. Enjoy balls of cake on a stick, covered in chocolate, icing or whatever you fancy. These pops are pretty easy to make so if you want to save costs on hiring a professional and whip up some treats at home.

#8. Savoury cake

If you and your partner are really not keen on sweets, go for a completely savoury cake. This could be a savoury cake full of cheese and olives, or a tier of different foods. We love the idea of tiers of different kids of pizza or sushi rolls. Don’t feel the need to conform on your big day. If you and your other half really love a certain food, adapt it and make it your cake. The day will be so much more memorable if its personalised to you.

#9. Assorted pies

This is a great option if you have guests with a range of taste pallets. Have an assortment of different pies, cherry, apple, lemon on the table instead of a traditional cake. This ensures there is plenty of options for your guests, and who doesn’t like pie?

#10. Pancake

If you can’t wait for Shrove Tuesday to come around, celebrate it earlier with a pancake wedding cake. A big stack of pancakes which you can top with maple syrup, sugar and lemon, chocolate or whatever else you fancy. Again, this would be so easy to create there is no need for a professional. An easy and effective choice which is truly unique.

Whichever cake you choose, you’re sure to have a truly magical day. Some couples opt to ditch the cake altogether and would prefer to save the money for the honeymoon. Whether you’re choosing an extravagant creation or no cake at all, celebrate your big day with Ettington Chase. Set in stunning Warwickshire countryside and close to transport links, our location is ideal to maximise turnout and provide an easy journey for guests. Choose from one of our 15 flexible spaces which can be tailored to you and your partner’s dreams.  We are also fully licensed for stunning outdoor weddings so if you want to get married in the spring sun, Ettington Chase is the place for you. Our 11 acres of picturesque grounds are ideal for photographs and create the perfect backdrop for your big day and we have a range of wedding packages available to suit you.  Please don’t hesitate to get in contact with our friendly team today for further details, queries, or to book your dream venue today.

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