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5 Qualities That Successful Conference Givers Tend to Have


Giving a conference can be daunting. All eyes on you to entertain and inform. Once you’ve sorted out the guest list, venue and catering, now you need to think about what you’re saying. Make sure you practise as much as you can. You want to be so familiar with your presentation that you can accommodate for any hiccups or questions. Of course, you want your presentation to be interesting, but ultimately its all about the delivery. An engaging speaker can make any topic fascinating. We’ve put together a list of 5 qualities that successful conference givers tend to have.


There’s a difference between reading out a few words and standing in front of a presentation, to actually delivering. To give a successful conference, you must be engaging. Really get your audience focused on what you’re saying. Someone who’s truly engaging can react and adapt to their audience on the spot. If something goes wrong, the speaker must be able to adapt and keep the presentation flowing.


To be a good speaker, it’s important to be genuinely friendly. You want to answer people’s questions in an approachable, helpful way. Your audience will find it a lot easier to engage with you if they like you and can relate to you. Always start with a smile. If appropriate, a few well-placed jokes always go down well.


You need to be able to respond quickly and reflectively to your audience. If you sense people getting bored, try and change your tactics around. Gauge everyone’s mood and interest in a subject. If one point is flopping, find a way to make it engaging or change the topic as soon as you can. Once the audience’s attention is lost, it can be hard to win back again.


Timing is truly everything during a presentation or conference. No one enjoys a speaker that goes on too long. The best speakers leave the audience wanting more. Leave them with something to think about so your conference is truly memorable. If you aren’t the only speaker, create a timeline with everyone’s times and how long they have to speak. Reiterate to everyone the importance of sticking to the schedule to ensure everything goes smoothly.


Even speakers who give many conferences get nervous. It’s a natural reaction to wanting to do well. However, you need to try and come across as confident as you can. They say you have to fake it till you make it, and this is true for conferences. By putting your shoulders back, chest out and head up, you already appear more confident. Body language says a lot about you and hunching your shoulders and looking down make you feel subliminally less confident. The audience is more likely to be engaged by someone who is assured by what they’re saying.

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