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7 ways of making your meeting more engaging


Meetings are an inevitable part of working, although they may not be everyone’s favourite. They are obviously important to gather the troops and go over information and agendas, but similarly its easy to understand why some people might see them as futile or tedious. We’ve all been in a boring meeting or lecture, where you’re cast back to your school days. Hot day, stuffy classroom and a boring teacher droning on whilst you stare longingly out the window. I think most of us would like to believe this part of our lives is over, and it should be. So, here’s 7 ways you can make your meeting engaging and successful.

No pointless meetings

It goes without saying, but if you’re going to call a meeting, make sure it has a true purpose. Rundowns and team catch ups are fine, so long as they’re structured and have a clear point. Pointless meetings simply run down the teams’ morale and get them into the habit of thinking meetings are futile, so avoid meaningless ones at all costs.

Get the team involved

Invest some time into understanding what your team want out of meetings. Ask them preference on location, style and of course the content. Everyone will be more engaged if the content is beneficial for them, instead of just sitting through something irrelevant.

Make it interactive

Just sitting and listening has been proven time and time again to be ineffective. After a few minutes people’s heads start to lull and minds start to wonder. By making it interactive you can capture peoples focus for longer and ensure they’re still awake. Things like polls and games in relation to the content will get people involved and thinking so they really retain information.


Shake things up a bit with a new meeting location. If the suns out maybe take things outside and allow people to soak up the fresh air. If its an important or larger meeting, hire out a fancy space to get everyone in the business mood. At Ettington Chase we have a variety of meeting rooms available for hire which combine comfort and convenience for your ideal meeting venue. Check out our conference venues in Warwickshire today. Get in touch with us to book.

Motivate with appreciation

Everyone deserves to be appreciated, so ensure there’s some praise for good work throughout. Maybe commend a particular task a group has been successful at, or a person who’s worked exceptionally hard. It will make people feel special and boost up the team moral. A little gift or reward won’t go a miss either, and making it regular will ensure the team actually look forward to meetings.

Go against the grain

Think of ways that your meeting will differ from the others. PowerPoint is the go-to for presentations for meeting so stray away from that and think of a more unique way to present.  Begin the meeting with a mini team building activity to get everyone talking and warmed up. Discussion throughout a meeting is a good way to ensure everybody’s actively listening so any way this can be encouraged is good.

Time keeping

Nothing benefits from being dragged out too long. Make sure you plan how long each part will take and stick to it, so your meeting comes across as clean and snappy. If you’re spending too much time on a certain aspect consider cutting out another topic and going back to it another time, so peoples head aren’t boggled.