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Lockdown Tips For Staying Positive in 2021

Let’s face it: although we’ve done our very best, trying to maintain an ear-to-ear smile has been nothing short of a miracle during a lockdown. We won’t lie to you, we actually quite enjoyed the...


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Pros and cons of offsite meetings

No matter what kind of job you have, chances are you are involved in meetings. These are great for discussing opinions, solving problems and creating plans. Face-to-face communication with clients and...


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How to make an effective corporate presentation for your conference

If you are holding or have been invited to speak at a conference, you want your delivery to be perfect. With so many people watching you, a presentation can be daunting. At Ettington Chase, we are exp...


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5 tips for improving employee engagement in meetings

A good meeting will enable a productive work day and have everyone feeling inspired. A bad one will leave employees unengaged and disinterested. Here's how to some ideas for improving employee engagem...


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Meeting techniques to try

In the business world, having a meeting is commonplace. But after so many, they can become repetitive and futile. Making a change in your meeting can boost productivity and have your attendees actuall...


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5 Qualities That Successful Conference Givers Tend to Have

Giving a conference can be daunting. All eyes on you to entertain and inform. Once you’ve sorted out the guest list, venue and catering, now you need to think about what you’re saying. Make sure y...


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7 ways of making your meeting more engaging

Meetings are an inevitable part of working, although they may not be everyone’s favourite. They are obviously important to gather the troops and go over information and agendas, but similarly its ea...


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How to plan the perfect meeting

Many meetings are casual – a few people in around a table or huddled by a whiteboard – and require little planning. But what do you do when your team has to come together from across the country ...


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