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What Is The Best Month To Get Married?

Of course, every couple wants their wedding to be the best it can be. It’s totally understandable! And for many newly-engaged couples, deciding when it's time to get married is the first step in mak...


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Engagement Party Ideas at Home

If you’ve just gotten engaged, congratulations! It’s more than okay to shout about it from the rooftops! Well, your rooftop, that is. With the word “pandemic” being coined as Miriam Websters...


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10 of the most Popular Flowers for Weddings

Having trouble choosing your blooms? Here’s our list of 10 most popular wedding flowers You can’t have an iconic wedding without a plethora of flowers! You will want your blooms to be perfect on ...


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8 Simple Christmas Wedding Centrepiece Ideas

Christmas weddings are what dreams are made of! Crisp whites, deep reds and forestry greens. And the showstopper is, of course, the Christmas wedding centrepiece. If you are planning a winter wedding,...


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Postponed Wedding Ideas: 8 Ways to Celebrate Your Original Wedding Date

Having to postpone your wedding day is never is anybody’s wedding plans. But sometimes, life throws a curveball and in the recent climate, there are lots of couples who unfortunately, have had to po...


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10 stunning outdoor wedding decoration ideas

An outdoor wedding is a truly unique way of celebrating the love between you and your partner. With the breeze blowing through the trees and birds singing, it’s the perfect setting to tie the knot. ...


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10 unusual wedding cake ideas

Weddings today have changed so much from the traditional affairs which we would have seen a century ago and we think you don’t need to follow the crowd. With many traditions being altered and some r...


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What food should I have at my wedding?

Your wedding day is one of the best days of your life. Not only will you be joining your significant other, but you'll be surrounded by loved ones, an amazing vibe and of course, delicious food. Like ...


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What is the wedding reception timeline?

All good weddings have a rough plan of the day. This helps the happy couple to understand where they need to be and when. You can visualise your day and, hopefully, it will calm your nerves. The recep...


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How wedding etiquette has changed

The first recorded occurrence of a marriage ceremony uniting a man and a woman dates back from about 2350 B.C. This means there have been thousands of years of weddings between different types of peop...


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