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How to make an effective corporate presentation for your conference


If you are holding or have been invited to speak at a conference, you want your delivery to be perfect. With so many people watching you, a presentation can be daunting. At Ettington Chase, we are experienced in holding successful conferences and can draw from a wealth of experience. We understand what it takes to wow your audience and have them leaving feeling inspired after a corporate presentation. One major aspect of a presentation is the visual aspect. Studies have been conducted to show that a visual aspect of learning can help both engagement and retention of the material presented. Simply being “talked at” is a quick way to lose your audience’s attention and have their minds wandering. Having something to watch gives your audience something to focus on and can also help with note-taking. Additionally, your slides can be sent out later for further reading. But where should you begin with making a presentation? We’ve created a handy guide to ensure you give an effective corporate presentation for your conference.

Follow the KISS principle and be prepared

How to make effective corporate presentations for your conference

Keep it simple

Start the process by writing your speech, and then tailor your presentation. You don’t want to have each paragraph on a slide, but simply the key points. The 1-6-6 rule isn’t perfect so only use this as a guideline and check how your slides look from a design point of view. One great rule to follow for many things in life is the KISS principle (or Keep It Simple, Stupid). Don’t try and overcomplicate things, often simple is the best solution. Going overboard with animations is an easy way to distract your delegates from the real content of the presentation. Communicate content in a simple way that’s easy to understand. There’s no merit in making things more complicated than they need to be. Slides should be a visual partner to what you’re saying. Use colours and a clean design to assist with visual learning. If you have anyone on your conference team who works with design, ask them to take a look and make any suggestions.

Preparing and back up

It goes without saying but always plan and prepare your presentation, preferably as much as you can. Your audience will know if something has been rushed and won’t be as invested. There’s always merit in having a well-rehearsed and thought out presentation. Start organising as early as possible to ensure you have plenty of time to make it as best as it can be. Create some backup options just in case something goes wrong. If you are presenting off-site or somewhere you haven’t visited, ensure you arrive early to go through anything technical and do a run-through. You need to know exactly how everything works so your presentation runs smoothly. Speak to staff members ahead of time as they will know intimate details about the venue. See if they have any tips or advice to utilise the venue for your conference.

Present with confidence at your corporate event

Present with confidence at your corporate event

Body language and confidence

The delivery of a presentation is on par with the importance of the content. Even something really interesting can be made unengaging if the speaker doesn’t carry it correctly. Always come across as confident even if you’re feeling a little anxious. Put your shoulders back, chest out and head up to exude self-assurance in your presentation. Being friendly and giving your audience a smile helps them connect with you and what you’re saying. If you’ve been asked to speak at a conference, your peers obviously believe in you. It’s incredibly flattering to be asked so remember why you’ve been chosen and enjoy the experience. You can certainly learn a lot from a conference, especially if it’s your first time. With each presentation you give, the more your confidence will grow.

Know your audience and engage them in your corporate presentation

Different techniques will work for different people. Tailor your delivery style to the demographics of your audience. This may be more challenging if it’s a larger conference, but be mindful of it regardless when creating a presentation. Remember that engagement can become lax when delegates are simply listening and not having any input. Encourage questions and discussion during your presentation to ensure your audience stay focused and interested in what you’re speaking about. Polls are another good way to involve all audience members and are easy to incorporate into any presentation. You could ask people to guess a statistic or involve opinions which are relevant to your topic. Click here to see which poll apps have been highly rated which you can utilise in your presentation.

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