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How to plan the perfect meeting


Many meetings are casual – a few people in around a table or huddled by a whiteboard – and require little planning. But what do you do when your team has to come together from across the country – or around the world – or you need to get a large group together? Hiring an event space is a great way to make your meeting work, both in terms of location and facilities. At Ettington Chase, our events team provide support for meetings of all sizes, from eight attendees to several hundred. Our conference venues in Warwickshire may be of high interest to you. Here are a few of our tips for planning the perfect meeting.


Have clear goals

Whether you’re gathering the entire division together to share information or a small group to make key strategic decisions, your meeting will be much more successful if you have clear goals. Communicate these goals clearly and effectively using the three repetition method: tell them you’re going to tell them (“You’re invited to this meeting to learn about the new product”); tell them (“thank you for attending this meeting. The new product…”) and then tell them you told them (“Attached are the brochures about the new product…”).


Invite only the people you need

It can be tempting to get everybody involved into a meeting, in the hopes that all those clever brains will solve a problem or create a strategy more quickly and effectively. However, when too many people are brought into meetings they aren’t fully invested in, the whole process can quickly stagnate. Make sure you invite only the people you need and, if necessary, let others know that they haven’t been invited so you don’t waste their time. You can send through any briefing and results documentation to keep them in the loop without dragging them into the meeting.


Take a break

A brief rest, refreshments and perhaps a short walk can really change the atmosphere in a meeting and improve both effectiveness and concentration. Depending on the size and type of the meeting, you may want to schedule in breaks (preferred for larger groups and lectures) or wait for a natural break point (more effective for smaller, seminar style meetings). Breaks not only give the brain a chance to reset, they can also timebox discussions, limiting fruitless speculation.


Choose the right space

While many meeting planners might simply look for a room that’s the right size, at Ettington Chase we know you need more. From accessible parking through to the right tech and great WiFi, you need a space that works for you to make your meeting really go well. Ideally, your meeting space should make it easier to accomplish your goals for the session, which is why our event support team are on hand to answer any questions you might have before and during your meeting. With 15 meeting spaces holding from eight to 200 guests, we’ve got the right space for you. If you’re interested in our Meeting Rooms in Stratford-Upon-Avon, Get in touch today to find out more.