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5 tips for improving employee engagement in meetings


A good meeting will enable a productive work day and have everyone feeling inspired. A bad one will leave employees unengaged and disinterested. Here’s how to some ideas for improving employee engagement.

Change your routine to increase employee engagement

Improve employee engagement

Find a new meeting venue

Changing it up a bit will make the experience more memorable for the employees and they will be more likely to engage with the meeting, as it won’t be in the same setting with the same feeling as usual. You could sit outside if the weather is nice, book a private dining room or visit a local, dedicated meeting space and take advantage of their expertise, comfortable seating arrangements and breakout stations with refreshments to keep you going through your meeting. Many businesses can benefit from leaving their workspace if it is inefficient for meetings to go elsewhere to engage and focus their team in a productive way.

Get guest speakers

Organise external speakers who can provide expertise on any problems you are having. This will aid problem solving and provide another perspective that your employees may find interesting. This may introduce an extra cost but the cost of not improving employee engagement could be higher. If it’s not possible or appropriate to get external speakers, nominate another employee to run the meeting so that the change makes them and the other members of staff pay more attention. It may also give you a chance to see what (if anything) they do differently or what could be changed to make the meetings more productive and engaging.

According to SHRM, training or coaching is a ‘key ingredient for engagement‘ so don’t forget to offer your staff great training opportunities when you are considering guest speakers.

Take care of your employees’ needs

Engage your team

Get their feedback

If there is something that is stopping your employees from getting the most out of meetings, whether that is uncomfortable chairs, a cold meeting room or they feel that the meetings are too long or frequent, make sure they tell you. This way, you can try to make changes that will make the meetings better for your attendees and everyone will begin to feel the benefits. These changes will build more long-term trust and better relationships, as well as boosting performance where you aren’t spending time on meetings that your workers don’t find inspiring.

Getting their input shows that you care and want what is best for them. Not every request will be practical and the costs may not be feasible but employees will appreciate your attention and that you are trying to help.This level of attention will help to improve staff engagement, as they will feel more that you are all one team, in it together.

Feed your employees

This doesn’t just have to be bringing them some energy-boosting fruit or some much-appreciated doughnuts, you could take them out for lunch, or better yet, feed their creativity. Giving your employees creative problems to start meetings and the opportunity to become more active will help your workforce to be more engaged. It is still a good idea to provide snacks for a meeting though, as you don’t want their attention wandering to their empty stomachs!

Have a time limit

Focus your workforce

You don’t want your employees to be wondering how long the meeting will last or panicking that they are going to miss their next meeting or lunch because the meeting has no end in sight. Setting a strict time limit and sticking to it will ensure that your employees are more engaged, because they know that they will be there for a certain amount of time and can plan their day accordingly, as well as making sure the meeting is as efficient as possible so no managers are wondering where their teams are. They will also be able to make their brains stay engaged for that amount of time, as they will know that it won’t be too long. If your meeting will be a longer one, don’t forget to give them refreshment and comfort breaks or you risk a serious lapse of concentration.

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