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Meeting techniques to try


In the business world, having a meeting is commonplace. But after so many, they can become repetitive and futile. Making a change in your meeting can boost productivity and have your attendees actually enjoy meetings. If you are looking for a variety of flexible meeting spaces, look no further than Ettington Chase. We have years of experience in hosting successful meetings, with experienced, friendly staff and excellent facilities. We can provide accommodation and catering for your delegates to ensure you have a great meeting. Don’t hesitate to get in contact with our team for any enquires.

Keep it short

One of the most well-known techniques is to keep it short. This keeps delegates’ attention and helps them get more out of the meeting. Of course, sometimes there’s too much content to go over to be able to keep it too short. In this case, try having regular breaks where delegates can move out of the room and stretch their legs. When they return, have people sit in different seats to mix things up. It will allow for a fresh perspective and new ideas.

No technology

Laptops, projectors, mobiles and interactive whiteboards are all often used for meetings. However, these things can all be potential distractions. A quick email check by an attendee can result in a slip in concentration, which then derails the whole meeting for the individual. Try a “no technology” meeting where delegates use notepads and pens and you use a whiteboard. This means everyone will be invested in the meeting and distractions will be kept to a minimum. Write up any notes afterwards and send a digital copy around the office for delegates to keep.

Keep attendees to a minimum

We’ve all experienced the feeling of being in a meeting which has no relevance to us. It can be really frustrating, especially when you have other work that needs to be done. When creating a guest list, ensure only the necessary people are invited. A meeting which is crowded and full of guests who don’t really need to be there is an easy way to create a distracting environment. Keep guests minimal, and consider sending round the meeting notes to those who don’t need to attend but who might want to be aware of the points raised.

Send information round first

Meetings often begin by going over information. Cut out this time by sending said information and an agenda round via email ahead of time. This way, delegates can familiarise themselves and be prepared, before they’ve even arrived. This saves time and gives everyone a chance to think of points they’d like to raise, questions and solutions.

Take it outside

If the weather permits, consider taking your meeting outside. The fresh air and change of scenery can inspire delegates and help them provide new ideas. Of course, you’ll need to find an appropriate space away from noise and distraction. Somewhere natural and tranquil is the ideal location for meetings to flow.

Meeting roles

This is especially successful if there are fewer delegates at your meeting. Assign everyone a role, such as note-keeper or minute taker, and allow them to carry this out during the meeting. Having an active role keeps everyone focused and stops minds from wandering.

As with everything, trial and error is a great way to work out what’s best for your team. If particularly things don’t work out for your office, others might be really successful. It’s all about giving things a go and learning about the different members of your team.


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