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10 unusual wedding cake ideas

Weddings today have changed so much from the traditional affairs that we would have seen a century ago. With many traditions being changed and some removed altogether, couples are often keen to put th...


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Pros and cons of offsite meetings

No matter what kind of job you have, chances are you are involved in meetings. These are great for discussing opinions, solving problems and creating plans. Face to face communication should never be ...


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How to make effective corporate presentations for your conference

If you are holding or have been invited to speak at a conference, you want your delivery to be perfect. With so many people watching you, a presentation can be daunting. At Ettington Chase, we are exp...


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Easy Christmas cocktails guaranteed to impress

With Christmas just around the corner, it’s a time to relax and indulge and what better way than with some delicious festive cocktails. We’ve compiled our favourite Christmas drinks which ...


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5 tips for keeping employees engaged in meetings

A good meeting will enable a productive work day and have everyone feeling inspired. A bad one will leave employees unengaged and disinterested. Here’s how to keep your employees engaged. Feed y...


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Festive games to play for small groups

Having a small group for your celebrations doesn’t mean that your party will be dull. Sometimes have a smaller group can make for a more fun time. Here are some suggestions for great festive gam...


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Top tips on throwing the ultimate work Christmas party

The annual work Christmas party is a great opportunity for everyone to bond, celebrate the victories of the year and receive thanks for their hard work. Here are our top tips to make planning this as ...


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Meeting techniques to try

In the business world, having a meeting is commonplace. But after so many, they can become repetitive and futile. Making a change in your meeting can boost productivity and have your attendees actuall...


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What food should I have at my wedding?

Your wedding day is one of the best days of your life. Not only will you be joining your significant other, but you’ll be surrounded by loved ones, an amazing vibe and of course, delicious food....


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What is the wedding reception timeline?

All good weddings have a rough plan of the day. This helps the happy couple to understand where they need to be and when. You can visualise your day and, hopefully, it will calm your nerves. The recep...


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