Pros and cons of offsite meetings


No matter what kind of job you have, chances are you are involved in meetings. These are great for discussing opinions, solving problems and creating plans. Face to face communication should never be undervalued and can be much simpler than trying to communicate via phone or email. Having meetings offsite is becoming increasingly popular. Getting out of the office has a range of benefits and can actually improve the way you communicate with your team. However, there are also aspects of this that could be considered detrimental.

Pros and cons of offsite meetings

Better technology

Tech can improve your meeting

If you visit a dedicated venue for a meeting, chances are they will have a range of technology that you won’t have in the office. Things like smart whiteboards, AV technology and projectors can all be very handy during a meeting and will often be provided for you. Having a few extra features can really refresh the way you have meetings and get delegates excited about the content. Technology can be used to make your meetings more interactive, and therefore engage your audience more.

A smart whiteboard is perfect for doing quizzes and surveys. For example, if you have a bigger group, you could use a poll on the whiteboard to ask for peoples opinions or preferences on something. Delegates can simply vote using their laptop or phone. If it’s a Monday morning and the energy levels are low, start off with a simple 5-minute quiz to get everyone’s minds warmed up.

Tech can be a distraction

Tech is great in so many ways but can also be a hindrance. If you have a malfunction in the middle of your meeting, this can cause distraction. A few minutes of interruption can lead to delegates looking at emails and phones and then all the creativity and motivation you rallied up is gone. If your meeting is prestigious, a tech malfunction may throw you off your presentation and leave you floundering. Additionally, planning a meeting around all the cool tech you can use can cause focus from the actual content to be lost.


offsite meeting benefits

Change of scenery for the meeting

A fresh perspective

Repeating the same routine can become stale and leaves little room for inspiration or creativity. A change of scenery can be exactly what your team needs to find new, fresh ideas for issues. It also stops meetings from becoming a mundane occurrence so delegates actually get excited about it. Having a trip out can be a morale boost for the team. This helps keep motivation and therefore work ethic high.

More meeting preparation

Holding an offsite meeting is obviously more preparation than simply holding it in the office. You’ll need to book ahead and ensure everyone has transport to the chosen venue. This involves more organisation and cost when trying to get everyone together. Realistically, you can only hold offsite meetings on occasion. Particularly if it’s an emergency or reactional meeting, as these would be better kept onsite.


offsite meeting benefits

Distractions for delegates

Fewer interruptions

In a bustling office, distractions to your meeting can be rife. With noise going on outside or people knocking, it can be detrimental to delegates focus leading to less engagement. In a dedicated meeting space, the rooms will be isolated to ensure no noise will distract from the meeting. It’s also likely that the guest list would be more calculated if delegates have to travel to get there. This means people won’t be there unless they really need to be. In theory, this should eliminate people checking phones, emails and talking because they don’t see the relevance of the content.

Loss of focus

Meeting in a new place which is outside the office can be a distraction in itself. A new place is bound to excite delegates and this can be utilised if they are focused but may end up in a loss of concentration if not. It may cause delegates to focus more on the setting than the content of the meeting.

The final word

Deciding on whether your meeting is on or off-site very much depends on the type of meeting and occasion. A bigger meeting, perhaps with an important client, may benefit from the extras that an offsite venue can provide. A smaller meeting which could be completed more efficiently would be more appropriate in the meeting room in the office. This is the best way to achieve the most positive outcomes and avoid the negatives of heading offsite.

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