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The importance of time management for your conference


They say timing is everything and with a conference, this is very true. There are a few key areas during a meeting which are important. The location, content and food are all going to affect how everyone interacts. You need to be aware of timing throughout the process of planning and hosting a conference. We’ve put together a guide on managing time so you can get the most out of your conference.


Planning is extremely important. You’ll need to write an itinerary before the conference with everything you need to do. It’s best to try and plan as soon as possible so you can get the speakers and venue that you want. You don’t want people to get booked up. Make sure you get the guest list out as soon as you have it. This way, more people should be able to make it and improve the turnout. If you are advertising on social media, get the posts out ASAP to give them more time to be shared and seen.

Give your venue information about your event as soon as you know numbers and plans. Decide if you want your event catered and if so, will you have to source this yourself. If everyone in the planning team is helping out by bringing buffet food, the sooner they know the more prepared they’ll be. Delegates may also want to organise sleeping arrangements so giving them as much time as possible to plan this is ideal.


The timing of a conference can either win or lose interest from the crowd. A speaker going on a little longer or confusion in between sections is all precious time which encourages people to get their phones, start a conversation and get distracted. Plan exactly what will happen and when to minimalize the chance of this happening.

If you have guest speakers, ensure they have some sort of itinerary for how long they have to speak. Keep a close eye on this and always ensure things are staying on track. If things begin to run over, consider anything non-vital that you could cut to save time. Give your audience a guide of the day also so they can stay in the loop. Your delegates will enjoy themselves more if they have an idea of what will happen when.


After the conference, be sure to send out feedback information so you can understand what you can do to improve. You can also see what delegates really liked so you can ensure to keep this in the programme. Do this soon after the conference to ensure the content is in peoples minds.

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