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Why have a corporate Christmas party?


It’s that time of year again. Sleigh bells jingling, children singing, and Father Christmas will soon be on his way. There’s an air of excitement, and a little stress, everywhere you go, and celebrations are rife and plentiful. Its been a long, hardworking year in the office and people are ready to kick back and relax. A work Christmas “do” is common but doesn’t always happen, and we’re here to tell you why it should, and why its an important part of the year.

A thank you

Our Christmas parties in Warwickshire are great ways to say thank you to your employees for their contribution over the last year and give something back. Everyone likes to feel appreciated and this is the perfect time to treat people. If appropriate, giving out some awards on the night gives people an extra boost of confidence and shows them the little things they’ve done have been recognised. Giving credit to employees will boost their moral for the year to come and hopefully encourage more hard work. If the budget allows it, perhaps invite employees to bring along their partners or families as an extra show of appreciation, it will show real consideration from the company.

Encourages employee connections

A tight nit team of employees ensures better communication and in theory a better work environment for everyone. The Christmas party gives people a chance to communicate outside the work environment. We can’t promise the conversation won’t be about work, that’s just inevitable, but it gives everyone a chance to socialise with no work pressures occurring. When you’re locked to your desk it can be hard to get to know someone who sits the other side of the office, but at the Christmas party everyone gets a chance to be mixed together.

Reduce gap between employee and bosses

No one wants to think of their boss as the hard faced, stern teacher at school that nobody wants to be taught by. A party where everyone can socialise brings together management and employees and allows everyone to get to know each other, particularly if it’s a big company. It shows employees that managers are happy to relax and have a bit of fun, which will in turn make them more approachable if any problems arise.

An opportunity to advertise the company

Aside from anything else, in the era of social media, having a lavish party and encouraging people to hashtag their photos is a great way of advertising your company and its employees. Having extras like little company flags in cakes helps create a buzz for your company and will hopefully be a proud reminder to employees of their workplace.